Attention Female Entrepeneurs

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Attention Female Entrepreneurs: Discover The 3 Reasons Why You Are Overworked & Underpaid (and what you can do about it!) 

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  • Why now is the perfect time for Entrepreneurial Women to Bust through their Money Blocks so they can stop working HARD for no reward.  
  • What the 5 Categories of Money are and why this is ESSENTIAL if you want to break through your income ceiling. 
  • How to get to the root of your Biggest Money Blocks that are STOPPING you from Earning and Creating Wealth.  
  • The SECRET to unlocking your abundant wealth so you can have a successful business without sacrificing your life. 
  • Leave this webinar with the tools you need to Confidently earn the INCOME you DESIRE.  

About Your Presenter

Dee Murray is a Money Mindset Coach specialising in working with busy entrepreneurs. She has founded two businesses including the popular Edinburgh Shiatsu Clinic. She is passionate about creating wealthier more fulfilled women who embrace their power and confidently earn their worth. 

Dee Murray Founder, Confidently Earn Your Worth